About Wheat Life Magazine

Wheat Life Magazine is one of the main tools that the Washington Association of Wheat Growers uses to educate and advocate for the Washington wheat industry. Anybody who pays an assessment on wheat grown in Washington state automatically receives Wheat Life. Wheat Life is also sent to every legislator in Olympia and Washington, D.C.

We cover nearly 5 million acres of annual crop production. About 85 percent of our readership is in the Pacific Northwest. Of the 12,000 copies of each issue we print, about 70 percent goes to Washington state readers. An additional 13 percent are delivered to residents in California, Idaho and Oregon. Another major portion of our list includes about 600 members of the U.S. Congress and Senate. The remainder of our list is spread out among readers in every state. Besides producers and legislators, our readers include landlords, agribusiness operators and media. Many of our producers also grow triticale, peas, lentils, alfalfa and timothy hay, potatoes, corn, mint, canola and mustard.

About the Washington Association of Wheat Growers

Education and outreach are the heart of WAWG activity, all of which is aimed at helping Washington wheat families. Since 1954, WAWG has been dedicated to the enrichment of the Washington wheat industry. WAWG is a nonprofit trade association that depends on volunteers for support—both activities and funding. WAWG activities are guided by members through grass-roots committees. Membership dues and donations make it possible for volunteers to carry out activities as Washington wheat representatives on the state and national levels—to help favorably influence farm legislation and trade.

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The Wheat Life Team

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Michelle Hennings WAWG Executive Director/Ad Billing

Katie Teachout WAWG Administrative Assistant/Wheat Life Circulation

KayDee Gilkey WAWG Outreach Coordinator/Greensheet Newsletter Editor

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