Harvest 2023

By Trista Crossley


For thousands of Washington wheat farmers, the 2023 harvest has wrapped up, and they are deep into seeding next year’s winter wheat crop. 

This year’s harvest came early and went fast. Most producers reported average to below-average yields with average quality. Producers north of Highway 2 battled snow mold issues, while hot, dry weather across the region impacted the crop. 

For the 2023 harvest, Wheat Life spent time with three producers in Adams, Columbia, and Lincoln counties. Of the farms featured on the following pages, two of the three are multigenerational, while the other one is hoping to be. All of them are immensely proud of their history and the work they do to protect the environment while raising the world’s best wheat (we might be a little biased).

Windy Hill Ranch, Adams County

Lambert Farms, Columbia County

Steward Farms, Lincoln County