Coffee-roasting business brews success on Harrington wheat farm

red shop

When one thinks of Pacific Northwest agriculture, wheat, small grains, wine or apples are mainly what comes to mind. There may be a couple of other crops that pop into your head, but I’m sure you’ve never thought of coffee, which doesn’t grow in this region. But local farmer Shelley Quigley has found the closest…

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Tax issues in a year of uncertainty

pig with umbrella

Benjamin Franklin famously stated, “Nothing in this world is certain except death and taxes.” The last two years could be summed up in many ways, but certainty is not one. Paycheck Protection Program loans, Employee Retention Credits and Farm Service Agency payments popped up seemingly overnight, sending producers and practitioners scrambling to understand and properly…

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A ‘dam’ different view of the Snake River

Snake River

A few years ago, when I purchased my Ranger Tug, I started dreaming about the places I could visit beyond where roads and airplanes could take me! The breaching of the Snake River dams is in almost every Wheat Life issue. As a farm ground owner, I am quite familiar with the Snake and its…

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Five items to review in estate planning documents

wheat field

Absent a significant change in life circumstances (e.g., the death, disability or desired disinheritance of a current heir), I advise clients to review their estate planning documents every three to five years. The purpose of the review is not to determine whether changes in state or federal law necessitate revisions to the documents (those items…

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